The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a pretty broad reach. They oversee several programs, including Food and Nutrition Services, agricultural services, farm services, conservation, and more. So, yes, they are a big deal. They also keep track of the countries that the United States have a free trade agreement with, including what is being traded.

Imagine their surprise when this Tweet went viral:

For those who aren't familiar, Wakanda is the name, the FICTIONAL name, of the African country that the Black Panther hails from. The Marvel Universe Black Panther. A comic book superhero. Wakanda and the US, according to the tariff agreement, had a list of goods traded, including ducks, donkeys, and dairy cows.

The mistake was found when Francis Tseng, who is a New York-based software engineer, was looking up agricultural tariffs for a fellowship. He went to Twitter and shared his find, which was removed. Prompting the following Tweet:

The fictional country was accidentally added to the list during a staff test, and not meant to go live, and it was removed quickly. So, no trade agreement, and no trade war either. Just goes to show that even those who work in government offices and for government agencies, are people, and can make the little goofs, this one is one to remember.

Jarred Becker had this to say about this story..."Wakanda Forever!"

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