Among the five horses my daughter keeps at our place is Duke or Lil Dukie as we sometimes call him. Duke was an unwanted miniature horse that she found at some adoption site.If I remember the story right, my daughter agreed to care for Duke till his adoptive family could pick him up. I'm not what happened as they never showed up and Lil Dukie stayed. We fattened him up and bit and curried out the snarls and such. He's been trained to pull a little cart. Maybe you'll see him in a parade some day.

Along comes Henry. One of my daughter's co-workers brought in this stray cat that had been floating around Owatonna. Home he goes. He got picked on by the other barn cats and was a pest under foot. Then one day I found Henry lying in the hay in Duke's stall. I thought he was dead. I got a little closer and saw he was just asleep. A bit dangerous for a cat to take up residence in a horse stall. Awful easy to get stepped on but the two seem to have formed a bond.

Actually living a horse stall is more dangerous than you think for Henry the cat as Henry is deaf. At first we thought he was plain stupid as he never moved when I fired up the mower or power saw. We later determined the poor fellow can't hear. Not sure how long a deaf cat is going to survive in an outside environment especially with coyotes howling away every night.

Oh well, as you can see the two of them are now buddies. Maybe Duke can kind of act like an adoptive parent and keep an eye out for Henry the deaf cat.

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