Goat yoga because super popular just a few years ago. It seems to me like this craze of doing yoga with animals started with goats. Now you can do yoga with other animals like llamas but also adorable cats! Just one hour from Owatonna you can try cat yoga for yourself.

I'm a huge animal lover and I also enjoy yoga and yet I've never done yoga with animals. I need to try it someday and maybe at The Cafe Meow in Minneapolis with their cat yoga.

I've been to The Cafe Meow before and if you're a fan of cats you'll love this place. The main premise of The Cafe Meow (or the cat cafe as a lot of people call them) is they have beverages like a regular cafe but they also have a room of cats available for adoption. If you book a time you can spend time in that room with the cats while you sip your coffee. It's so fun!

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But on top of that, you can also do cat yoga. They hold yoga only on Sundays and I'm pretty certain you have to get tickets in advance. Getting tickets in advance would be a good idea for us at least because you'd hate to drive an hour and then have the class be full! And don't worry, on their website they say that it's "a basic yoga class" so any level is welcome. It costs $25 per person for cat yoga.

If you're interested in adopting a cat, obviously we have plenty of great rescues in the area. But I also really enjoy that at The Cafe Meow you get to see the cat out and about in an environment they're comfortable with. When an animal is comfortable is when you'll see their true personality come through.

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