If you've never done yoga with a goat or a horse, are you really a Minnesotan?  I'm already laughing because although it seems so silly, there is something about the words "goat yoga" and "horse yoga" that makes me smile...and giggle.  And here's a bit more good news!  There are goat AND horse yoga classes happening just 60 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota.

A family that does goat yoga together...well, can do just about anything.

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Since I am just going to go out on a limb here, I'm going to guess you are like my family and you haven't had the opportunity to bring your kids to a goat yoga class yet.  I have 3 teenagers and let's just say when I told them they would need to get off of Fortnite so we could hang out with goats and do a downward dog pose, they rolled their eyes at me extra hard.  But, we all need exercise and my growing boys need more goat yoga in their lives.  They may disown me forever as their mom.  But we will be a stronger family because of goat yoga.  If you want that for your family too, here's all the info:

  • What: 45-minute family goat yoga class that is beginner-friendly.
    • Zero experience needed and following the class, there is a 15-minute cuddle session with the goats.  (Perfect time to grab some selfies with the adorable animals!)
  • When:  Saturday, August 28th from 11 am - Noon
  • Where: The Hayloft, 12407 80th Street South, Hastings, Minnesota
  • More information and registration info at Facebook Event page here.

If you are ready for a horse yoga class, watch their Facebook page for more updates.

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Three other family-friendly spots to visit near Rochester, Minnesota

Just in case goat yoga isn't quite your thing, here are a few other places that have events coming up that might be fun to do as a family or with friends:

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Minnesota myths that people in other states believe

You know that some people think that we live in igloos, right?!  It's true.  And, a few people think that we all drive snowmobiles to work every day.  We all know those are completely untrue but those aren't the only myths out there about our state.  Look below to see some of the other ridiculous myths.

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