I recently as you may have heard me talk about on air, was faced with the situation of having to replace my vehicle. As you know, I don't think anyone ever goes gaga over car shopping, and it never comes at a good time financially. My search is still continuing and I discovered this list of cars to avoid  from Escondido 247. So if any of you are in the same boat I am, here you go.

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    Ford Explorer

    This appears to be mostly some of the older models. Transmission issues can be very costly, and paint issues that lead to rust

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    Audi Q5

    The big issues here are many complaints about the climate control, navigation system, keyless entry, and the stereo system for this vehicle.

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    Jeep Wrangler

    Frequent recalls of the Wrangler since 2005. Brakes, transmission, fuel system, wiring, engine system, emissions systems, and more

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    BMW X5

    The all-wheel-drive system, electrical system, and drive shaft are all areas of concern for the X5. It doesn’t seem to match the price.

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    Dodge Intrepid

    CarComplaints.com lists the Intrepid as an unreliable used car. The 99-03 model year vehicles had oil sludge problems in the 2.7L V-6 model, causing engine failure at high mileages. Other model years have had electrical problems, engine problems, and AC/Heater problems. It’s called the “intrepid,” but maybe you should be afraid of it.

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    Cadillac STS

    The car got low marks for dependability. Engine, transmission, electrical, and braking system problems are common for the STS. The fuel system, cooling system, and navigation system are also common problem areas.

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    Chevrolet Aveo

    This car with it's very little 103 horsepower engine made driving difficult, especially when climbing hills. The Aevo is known for having problems with the fuel system, brakes, and audio system.

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    Chrysler Sebring

    Like it's Dodge sister car the Intrepid 2002 and 2003 were particularly bad years for the Sebring. Engine issues were a major issue, with oil sludge causing a majority of the engine failures. Oil leaks, engine rattles, and bad head gaskets were also frequent problems. The AC / heating system was another negative issue.

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    Chrysler PT Cruiser

    The biggest complaint on this one was oil consumption. In some instances, even after engine replacements, the vehicle still consumes oil. Other issues include the electrical system, transmission, fuel system. and airbag system.

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    Land Rover

    On top of breaking down often, frequent smaller repairs are reported, such as brakes, electrical problems, starting problems, heat / AC, and suspension failures.