Owatonna has plenty of quality homes for sale, at last check on zillow.com there were 303 homes for sale. But what does the most expensive house for sale in Owatonna look like? What do you get for the purchase price? After looking online at a few realtor websites I was able to find the most expensive home for sale in Owatonna. The home is listed by Tony VanDeSteeg of Top Notch Properties & Realty and is located on Lemond Road. 

"This architectural masterpiece is in a beautiful location, with the Straight River quietly flowing behind and the Owatonna Country Club golf course on the side. The trees provide privacy and a quietness to the 3.44 acre property. The house was designed by acclaimed architect Arthur Dyson in a Frank Lloyd Wright style. This home has a spectacular central stone fireplace, views from every window, large porch and deck. Come experience the serenity and feel of this amazing property."

The house was designed to look like a Frank Lloyd Wright. My favorite part of the house would be the deck railings and how they jut out over the edge of the deck.

Here are some photos of the home that was listed in March of this year!

1355 Lemond Road, Owatonna

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