I really don't give much thought to turtles and just assumed tortoises and turtles were the same creature. There is a big difference though, as tortoises only operate on land and cannot swim. Turtles of course survive in both.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking motorists to be aware of turtles crossing roads to next this time of year. Around this time of year is when turtles move from waters and wetlands to nesting areas where they can deposit their eggs.

Over the years some 61% of turtle species have become extinct. Turtles benefit us much as possums do: they're garbage collectors. Turtles also spread seeds through the use of their digestive system.

One main point the DNR would like to stress is that you don't put yourself or others in danger when you spot a turtle crossing the road. If you feel it necessary, pull off the road and turn on your hazard lights to warn others. You certainly don't want to stop in a traffic lane. Brings back memories of that accident near Byron this month when a vehicle stopped on Highway 14 to allow ducks to cross. This led to a potentially dangerous accident.

I suppose another solution would be to assign a support chicken to each turtle to assist in crossing the road? You'd save a turtle and put an end to a way too long asked question. Just kidding.

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