28 countries? That's amazing. Hitting number 1 on the charts is one thing but to top the charts in 28 countries with one song is something else. And no, it isn't a heavyweight like Prince, Dylan or even Owl City. But first let's check in on some other Minnesota artists you've perhaps forgotten or didn't realize we're Gopher Staters.

Here's a lesser known country artist who was born just down the road in Rochester. Joe Sun had 6 top 30 hits and broke into the top 20 three times.

A short time after taking this song to number 14, Dolly Parton recorded her own version and took it to number 1.

Here's a big time country act from the 80's and 90's featuring Northfield born Paulette Carlson.

In the 60's and 70's it would be pretty hard to have the radio on and not hear a Gary Puckett and the Union Gap song. Did you know Gary was born in Hibbing?

Aitken born Jonathan Edwards had a monster hit in the early 70's with this one.

And here's the really big hit of 1980. In fact it was really their only hit. Lipps Inc. was a Minneapolis group that hit number one on the charts in 28 countries with Funkytown.


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