Forbes is a great source for people looking to see who made how much in any given year. The publication recently rolled out 2017's Worlds Highest-Paid Athletes and there are some Minnesota athlete's past and present on the list. But before we get to our #boldnorth connections who topped this years list? That would be boxer Floyd Mayweather who netted a cool $285 million dollars!

Now on to our Minnesota connected athletes! Coming in at #55 is the recently added Minnesota Viking Kirk Cousins. Cousins did pretty well last year as he made $28.4 million. Not to mention his large fully guaranteed contract he just signed, should bump him up next years list.

One of the guys Cousins replaced came in at #80 on the top-100 list, newly minted Arizona Cardinal QB Sam Bradford who netted $24.3 million dollars.

St. Paul product and sideburns toting MLB star and Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer came in at #86 as he was paid $23.5 million dollars.

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