Hockey is basically Minnesota's pastime. Why isn't it (or its hockey fans) represented well on this list??

I might be a Pittsburgh Penguin fan, but I've got to give credit where credit is due. My team and home city might've ranked third on this list (Crosby rules! Ovechkin sucks!), but I've lived in Minnesota long enough that we don't joke when it comes to our hockey either.

I don't think I know a single Minnesotan without a Wild jersey, scarf or hat stashed somewhere in their closet.

Hannah Foslien / Getty Images
Hannah Foslien / Getty Images

I'm sorry WalletHub, but you got your list wrong. They explain, "To determine the best places for hockey spectators, WalletHub compared 73 U.S. cities based on two divisional categories, professional and college hockey, across 21 key metrics. The dataset ranges from the performance level of the city’s teams to minimum season ticket prices to stadium capacity."

Minnesota ranks thirteenth. That's right, ONLY 13th. We don't even get credit for the crazy amount of Wild merchandise that's sold. Chicago does.

WalletHub states, "Chicago has the highest team franchise value, $1,000 million, which is 3.3 times higher than in Glendale, Ariz., the city with the lowest at $300 million."

What an outrage! We should easily be top five, shouldn't we? I know we're a newer franchise, but c'mon!


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