Checking around the web it appears that Casey's the printer of the Hockey Bible was around for only a few years. They claimed to be tops when it was hockey equipment or anything related to hockey that you were seeking. Here's a few shots from the 3rd edition catalogue printed in 1976. I see there's someone with a catalogue like mine on the web asking $100 for it.


  • Listen to the record breakers
    Listen to the record breakers

    Hockey Record

    Get out the old phonograph and listen to hockey highlights on your record player.

  • Louisville Slugger
    Louisville Slugger

    Hockey Stick

    Brad Fischer informs me that he remembers selling Louisville Slugger hockey sticks in his sporting goods store. I had no idea that made anything other than baseball bats.

  • The green and white of the North Stars
    The green and white of the North Stars


    Here's the famiilar green of the Minnesota North Stars. Note the $14 price tag for boys sizes.

  • A watch with your team's logo.
    A watch with your team's logo.


    I could see this being a cool item for a kid back then. A hockey watch with your team's log.

  • Cool, a pretend goalie
    Cool, a pretend goalie

    Fake Goalie

    Wow. You could buy your own artificial goalie to shoot at. They may have been better than some of the goalies the North Stars had back in the day. I wouldn't have needed a fake goalie to shoot at as a kid as I had a little sister.

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