Riverland Community College has campuses in Owatonna, Albert Lea, and Austin. In a study result report released by Minnesota State, it says that Riverland contributed to the local economy $121.4 million in Fiscal Year 2017.. It states further the Riverland supports and sustains 1,101 jobs with $7.1 million in state and local revenue each year.

The jobs not only includes direct employment y the college but also indirect jobs created by supply and equipment vendors, contractors and laborers for the construction and renovation of facilities along with jobs created at hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

The study also shows that Riverland generates about 47.1 million in tax revenue for state and local government.

Statewide, all Minnesota State operations, including all 7 state universities and 30 community and technical colleges plus the spending of its faculty, staff and students had a total statewide economic impact of 8 billion dollars.


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