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A few days ago we talked about Forager Brewery being named one of the coziest restaurants in the entire state by Explore Minnesota. They're the only Rochester restaurant that made the list which would automatically make them the number one coziest restaurant in Rochester. Right?

We talked about this with our listeners. Forager is absolutely cozy and is one of my favorite spots in town, but do people agree that it's the coziest place in Rochester? Some do, some shouted out other restaurants, but there was one restaurant in particular that a majority of people said is the coziest restaurant in town.

The 10 Coziest Restaurants in Rochester

Recently Rochester, Minnesota's Forager Brewery was named one of the coziest restaurants in the entire state. But there are lots of cozy restaurants around Rochester! Here are some suggested by listeners and ones I added myself.

While there, sadly, have been quite a few restaurants that have closed in the past 6 months, many have opened and we need to check them out! Keep scrolling to see the restaurants that have opened in the last 6 months in southeast Minnesota.

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All of the SE Minnesota Restaurants That Opened in the Last 6 Months

We've had quite a few new restaurants come to the Rochester and Southeast Minnesota area for us to try! Here's a recap of all of the new restaurants that have opened in our area in the last 6 months (since mid-April). I'm sure I missed some, so let me know who else has opened that I missed!

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