In the midst of an Arctic low that is sitting on Minnesota for the next several days, Faribault will end up being colder than the North Pole for a majority of the week. According to the National Weather Service later this week  Faribault will be colder by an average of 10-15 degrees through next Monday.

While the North Pole will be bearing the brunt of the cold air today and tomorrow, Southern Minnesota, including Faribault will begin to see the coldest of the remaining Arctic air, before it moves on by midweek next week. Check out the 10-day outlooks below.

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While it's true that generally speaking there are many times throughout the winter that there are parts of Alaska that are warmer than portions of Minnesota, this cold spell is just a minor pain compared to what a nice winter we have had so far.

This past weekend KSTP-TV meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas shared with his social media followers that a prediction model CFSv2 which is better at predicting longer-term forecast trends than shorter-term trends has data that shows we are in for the possibilities of temps in the 50s and 60s in just three weeks to start the month of March off.

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For now, Minnesotans will just have to bundle up and make the most of this cold snap. Maybe put some wet clothes in the snow and make it look like there are some invisible people hanging out in your yard.

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