It's slightly difficult to believe that people come from all over the world just to visit the SPAM Museum. But, it's true, “We have those visitors where this is their destination,” said Savile Lord of the SPAM Museum.

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On a normal year (remember those?) about a hundred and fifteen thousand people walk through the doors at the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota. Many visiting will ask what SPAM stands for “We probably answer that 40 to 50 times a day,” said Lord. “The ‘SP’ from spice and the ‘AM’ from ham. Put it together for ‘SPAM.'”  Genius!

Lord says many people come from Hawaii, where SPAM is extremely popular, almost a staple in the diet over there.  SPAM also played a big part in feeding our troops during World War II.

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There’s a 50-pound crate in this exhibit. You’d have to pull it 100 million times to equal the amount of SPAM consumed during World War II,” said Lord.

Evidently, there are quite of few people that will fly to the mainland to visit Las Vegas but fly into Minneapolis and then drive down to Austin to visit the museum before heading to Vegas.

An English couple visited the SPAM Museum a few years ago and one of them was a pretty dedicated SPAM fan. “This couple was a unique, unique family,” said Lord. Mark Benson and Anne Mousley traveled 4,000 miles for a SPAM-tastic wedding. Fitting, because before they arrived, Mark legally changed his name to Mark “I Love Spam” Benson. The Queen herself signed off on it.

If you haven't visited the SPAM Museum in Austin, it might be a great idea for a road trip. A definite conversation starter.  Here are a few "fun facts" about SPAM;

  • 8 million cans of SPAM are consumed in Hawaii every year.
  • Hormel Foods, maker of SPAM is right down the road from the museum
  • Hormel Foods has been a big part of Austin, Minnesota for 130 years.

I love to fry up some slices of SPAM from time to time.  I tell my wife "Real meat comes in a can"


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