Everyone fell in love with Team Shuster (or Team USA if you prefer) in their quest for the Gold medal in curling, at the PyeongChang Olympics. They truly looked like a bunch of dads who were just trying to get out of the house on the weekends and ended up winning the Gold medal.

Guess what? You can buy a tabletop curling game, that was developed and marketed by Team Shuster. This is so cool, I want 3 of my own, one for my house, one for my parent's house, and then one to go to the Owatonna Curling Club, for people to enjoy between games.

I love this idea, you won't be cold, you don't need ice, you can play it year round, and you won't need the perfect slide. You also don't need to be afraid of slipping on the ice and cracking your knees, yep I did that the first time I tried curling. I even got to meet John Landsteiner, the lead curler for Team Shuster, so yes I want this game.

The only downside to this game, it's only available at TJ Maxx, and I have not even been able to find it online to order. So, that means a trip to the nearest TJ Maxx store, in hopes they have it in stock.

Photo Credit: Ambassador Games via NBC Sports
Photo Credit: Ambassador Games via NBC Sports

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