I was already a Jared Allen fan, and now, even more so. He's getting into Curling, which is really fun to watch, and even fun to try. Just ask any one of the numerous curlers who play on leagues at the Owatonna Curling Club.

Allen, who is aiming for a spot on the 2022 Olympic Curling Team, got started on a bet. That's right, he had a friend bet that he couldn't become an Olympic Athlete. All he needed to do was find the right sport. After trying badminton, he decided that curling was it. And this fan is uber excited to see what he can do on the ice.

Allen recruited fellow NFL retirees Marc Bulger, Keith Bulluck and Michael Roos for a crash course in learning the sport, and from the look of the picture he shared on Instagram, they are all loving it. 

Allen played the 2018 Curling Team, Team Shuster on Friday night in Eveleth, MN, at the Curl Mesabi Classic. Unfortunately, they lost. But, they are playing throughout the weekend. Road trip anyone? I would love to see Jared Allen curling, and I would be wearing my #69 Vikings jersey.



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