Hi. I'm Roy, your guide for a virtual climb of Trinchera Peak in southern Colorado. It's part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. My family has been blessed to spend a week each summer in the area with extended family. It has given my kids the chance to make great connections with their cousins.

We stay in Cuchara, CO, a small town nestled in the West Spanish Peaks. It's a hidden gem that many people who live in Colorado haven't heard of. The town almost feels like a movie set for a County-Western complete with a boardwalk and a post to hitch up your horse (though I've never seen that). However we do go on a horseback ride most years.

Cuchara is at nearly 9,000 feet. While that might seem most of the way to the top of a mountain, trust me, it takes a lot out of you to get to the peak.

SCENIC: Colorado Mountain Hike



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