We have all heard what happened during the last election of 2016.  Looks like Facebook doesn't want to be blamed again for any unusual outcome.  So, they are testing this thing out.  They are actually offering to pay some people to deactivate their account before the upcoming election.

Facebook Exhibits Technologies At Innovation Hub
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This is really a study on how social media in general, including Facebook and Instagram could impact the outcome of an election.  This isn't a huge payment.  It's just north of $100 but, still, would you be willing to do it?  Facebook has partnered with some researchers to see how social media can impact an election.

Apparently, depending on the person, you might be asked to deactivate your account for a week, some could be asked to deactivate their account for up to 6 weeks.  I'm sure there is some algorithm to find the people who are making the most impact.  This is to hopefully weed out the misinformation that was blamed for the election in 2016.

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If you aren't asked to deactivate your account, you may be asked to take some surveys that will also supposedly show the impact of social media.

But get this, they aren't expected to release the information of the findings  until the middle of next year.  In my opinion, that will just bring on more conspiracy theories.  But that is just my opinion.  More information on this subject here.  

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