The Steele County Humane Society has two dogs. That's it. It was a busy stretch of pet adoptions in the closing weeks of 2018. As of January 23, all the cats and all but two of the dogs had been adopted. We know that'll change.

The Steele County Humane Society has a fun raising ice golf tournament on Saturday, February 2 on Lake Kohlmier. The fun starts at noon and the registration fee is $40. This fee also gets you into Bar Golf which is coming up March 9. You can pre-register at Reggie's Brewhouse in Owatonna. As of January 23 they had just eleven slots to fill. A beer bash follows at Reggie's with the band Straight Talk performing. Volunteers to help clear the ice can show up at Lake Kohlmier around 2pm on Friday, February 1.

With this frigid weather remember to provide your big and little pets with shelter and plenty of fresh water. Regularly check their water bowl.


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