On Wednesday, Gov. Mark Dayton issued a letter authorizing up to an estimated $45,860.25 in relief for Freeborn County from the state Disaster Assistance Contingency Account. I wonder what the quarter will be used for? The press release from the governor's office states that the exact final reimbursements will be contingent upon the actual expenses submitted.

An F1 tornado along with severe thunderstorms caused extensive damage in Freeborn County in Clarks Grove, Geneva and surrounding countryside. The March 6 tornado marked the earliest that Minnesota had experienced a tornado in a calendar year. For a short time it was believed that Clarks Grove would have the distinction of the earliest tornado, but later the National Weather Service confirmed that there had been a tornado in the Brycelin area about a half-hour before the Clarks Grove tornado..

The press release states that aid from the State Disaster Assistance Contingency Account will reimburse the county for public infrastructure repairs and clean-up costs.

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