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Living in Minnesota, we get to experience all four seasons every year. But which season do Minnesotans like the most?

One of the many great things about living here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is that we get to enjoy all four seasons each year. And even though it seems like Winter can drag on forever some years, many hardy Minnesotans enjoy the coziness of the cold-weather seasons, as well as getting outside and doing some skiing, skating, sledding or snowshoeing.

Others, of course, can't wait for the warmer weather to finally get back outside and the chance to get soak up some sunshine on one of Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes during the Summer.


Then, after a warm, humid summer, there are those big fans of Autumn here in the North Star State, complete with its colored leaves, sunny days and crisp, cool nights, along with all that apple-picking, pumpkin spice, Halloween and more.

And, of course, even the hardiest fans of Winter in the Bold North likely also look forward to the return of warmer weather as things green up and start to bloom again each Spring before the bugs and humidity of summer come calling.

But which of Minnesota's four seasons is our overall favorite? Well, the team at Breck’s (an online garden supplies retailer) looked at Google Trends search data over the last 5 years to find the most popular season in each state.

And here in Minnesota, their results say our favorite season is... Spring!

We're not alone in loving spring, either, as the Breck survey noted "A total of 40 states choose spring as their favorite season, including our neighbors in Wisconsin, Iowa and both Dakotas. The Midwest, West, and South agree that spring gives you the best of both worlds, beautiful scenery and perfect weather," the survey said.

What's YOUR favorite season?

Courtesy of Brecks
Courtesy of Brecks


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