Not your everyday headline, right? It is not too often that the eight-legged creatures can make an entire highway actually have a traffic issue, but it happened.

According to MnDOTtraffic's Twitter account, a spider was causing traffic issues on Highway 280 because a motorist who has a fear of them saw on in her car while driving. That forced her to pull over to the shoulder and wait for a first unit responder to assist at the scene.

I get it! I can't say I know what the motorist is feeling because I don't have a fear of spiders. I would have just flicked it and just kept on driving. Yet, what if it was something that you or I was deathly afraid of? That changes the story a little bit. I probably would have done the same thing!

Now, how did a car pulling over onto the shoulder of a highway cause traffic issues? I think that is the real question needed to be asked. Of course, unless she did so erratically.

I think the best outcome of this was that several people chimed in on Twitter to show sympathy for the motorist and even rallied together Twitter for a short moment, which hardly ever happens. Hopefully, she is able to bounce back soon!

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