It was a big change on Tuesday, the Steele County Humane Society Pancakes for Pets annual fundraiser moved locations. They had their dinner at the Owatonna Country Club, instead of the Eagles Club in downtown Owatonna. It was a great turnout considering that the venue changed and they only had a month to prepare for the big shindig. For $7 in advance or $8 at the door, you had pancakes, scrambled eggs, two sausage links, and a small cup of milk. There was water available on the tables, along with butter and syrup, and of course, table service for any additional pancakes anyone wanted to eat. They also had a few raffle items available, for $1/ticket, you could sign up to win a raffle prize of your choice.

I spoke to a member of the board for the Humane Society and she let me know that all of the staff working, were volunteers. Kudos to the Owatonna Country Club for opening their doors for this fundraiser and kudos to the employees for volunteering to work it. I was also informed that Kohl's© Cares also made a donation and provided volunteers to help work the dinner.

I took my daughter out there as we try to get to this fundraiser every year. It wasn't as busy as I have seen, but, we were also out there earlier than in years past. As with any change in venues, I suppose you will see a slight decrease in numbers, only because it's not in the same location. Parking was great though, in the downtown area parking can be a battle. Preliminary numbers show about 150 people were served, and so far they have raised over $2,000. Not too shabby.

The food was great, pancakes light and fluffy, eggs cooked to perfection, and the sausage was very good (usually I am a bacon person). It's hard to compare the food from last year, so I won't even try. The only thing I missed was having coffee available at the tables. This is a fundraiser I will continue to attend, after all, it benefits the Steele County Humane Society, no matter what venue holds it. And, you don't have to cook, and you get breakfast for supper!

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