It is definitely the "dog days" of summer, and with the hot temperatures, that must mean that softball season is in full swing (pun intended). Owatonna Area Special Olympics had three teams compete today in the area games that took place at Alexander Park in Faribault.

It was hot, humid, and a little windy today, with just enough wind to blow the dust from the softball diamonds all over the spectators. I left feeling very gritty, which is to be expected. The athletes, volunteers, and spectators were keeping hydrated, I don't believe I saw anyone without a water bottle or cooler nearby. Shade was at a premium today, there are very few trees around the diamonds, and I saw several umbrellas being used. I sat in the dugout with the Owatonna teams cheering them on, and taking pictures.

I saw that Owatonna won at least one game, and, even the one I saw that wasn't a win, all of the athletes were just happy to be there to compete. After all, it is about having fun, developing skills and friendships, before winning.

If you can't make it to a tourney, you can stop by practice any time, the athletes practice at Brown Park in Owatonna on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8PM, and on Saturday mornings from 9-11AM.

Regions will take place on July 29 in Waconia, and there the Unified teams will also play. Then, it is on to State Games, which take place in August. Great job to all who competed today, we are all so proud of you for sticking through it, especially in this heat.


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