We're combining safety with sanitation because Rick Ellingson is in charge of both at the Steele County Free Fair. Rick was our guest on Fair Talk this week on AM 1390. Playing a large role in keeping the fairgrounds clean falls on the shoulders of a local Explorer Post. 15 to 18 youngsters begin cleanup each evening around 10PM. Cleaning up the grandstand and beer garden depends on what time they close for the night. Besides earning money for police and fire training camp in Phoenix it also gives the young folks something to put on their resume. Ever wonder how many dumpsters there are? This year there will be 264 of those little green garbage carts that will need to be emptied each day of the fair.

When it comes to safety, it's a good idea to take a photo of your child or vulnerable adult the day you attend the fair. So should the situation arise, authorities will not only know what the missing person looks like but also see what they're wearing that day. In times like these it's all the more important to report any suspicious activity you might see at the fair to proper authorities.

For your information the First Aid station is located in the Community Building from around 11-11PM. The fair office and Sheriff's station can also help should you need assistance such as bandages or if you suffer a sprain or such. It's also advisable to have a family plan just like you do at home. Should a disaster occur know where to meet with your family members.

Dates for the Steele County Free Fair are August 14-19.

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