Minnesota Senator Ann Rest is co-sponsor of legislation that would allow future lottery winners in Minnesota to remain anonymous. Currently only lottery winners in Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina and Texas may choose to not have their name revealed to the public.

The bill would require just a one-word change to amend the state law. The bill is set for review by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Though lottery winner's names in Minnesota currently have to be revealed, the winners don't have to pose for pictures or even go to the winning lottery celebration. Names of winners are revealed so as to assure the public that the lottery is on the up and up.

Would you be more likely to play the lottery if you could remain anonymous? I think maybe I would. Actually I don't play any of the lottery games as I simply don't think about it and figure the odds certainly aren't in my favor.

The biggest fear I've had is the publicity of winning the lottery. I've heard the stories of cars lining roads and streets to lottery winners homes. I've also heard the reports of boxes and boxes of mail requesting money. When asked what I'd do if I won a big lottery I usually reply that I'd change my name and call Allied Van Lines. If I could remain anonymous, probably the only thing I'd need to do is hire a private detective to tail my wife when she goes shopping.

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