Last fall the Riverland College Austin campus installed a food pantry for students. It was found that food insecurity was one of the main issues facing Riverland students. There had been times when it was a choice between school books or a meal.

With the success of the Austin food pantry, plans then began for the setup of food pantries at the Owatonna and Albert Lea campuses of Riverland College. During the holidays, a holiday meal bag was put together for Owatonna Riverland students and it went over well. Recently a food pantry began at the Owatonna campus in the Commons area. One of the decisions to be made was whether to put it under lock and key or out in the open. For now the food will be out in the open.

As of now only non perishable food items can be accepted. Cans and boxed foods may be dropped off at the Owatonna Riverland campus. It's recommended that you call ahead to make arrangements.


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