The Rice County Sheriff's Office wants the public to know about a Level 3 Predatory Offender that has moved into the Warsaw area, in the vicinity of Farwell Avenue and County Road 71.  Identified as 47 year old Gerald Bryan Becker.  The Rice County Sheriff's Office provided a fact sheet on Becker that is included in their notification.

The Rice County Sheriff's Office emphasizes Becker has served his sentence and is not wanted by law enforcement.  The Sheriff Department News Release states, "This notification is not intended to increase fear but rather raise awareness.  The Sheriff's Office believes that an informed public is a safety public."

Rice County Sheriff's Office Predatory Offender Fact Sheet. Provided by Sheriff's Office

The fact sheet describes Becker as a white, 5'9 155 pound man with blue eyes and brown hair and medium build.  Risk is Level 3 and Becker was released in January of 2014.  The Fact Sheet says, "Becker has a history of sexual conduct and contact with three female victims (two adult and one age approximately 16-17).