Stoplights at two intersections on Oak Avenue in Owatonna have been covered and deactivated. I've had a couple people tell me that they've come close to being rear ended as people are confused or overly cautious and are starting to brake when driving on Oak and coming to the Vine Street and McKinley Street intersections.

Wednesday, July 17 marked the end of the stop lights. Motorists on Oak Avenue may continue through without stopping at these intersections. I realize there could be concern by anyone approaching on Oak that someone coming from the east or west may be confused and enter without stopping. The McKinley intersection is near Hometown Motors and the Vine Street intersection is near the video store. East and west traffic at these intersections need to stop before proceeding.

A traffic study indicated not enough traffic at these intersections to warrant stoplights and hence they were deactivated this week. Just a reminder to be aware of the changes now in place.

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