If you're using the Face App to make yourself look old, you should stop. Why? Because it's from a Russian Company with a sketchy security history. I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just saying it isn't the best idea to give control of your image over to a company coming from a country that interferes with our elections using social media.

According to TechCrunch and Forbes, in their privacy policy, you give them permission to use your altered and unaltered photos however they want. Forever. And you give them the right to ALL your photos, not just the ones you select. And finally, it uploads your photo to their server, which could be in the USA, but they could still legally move 'em all to Russia with a click o'a button.

To be fair, I have no idea if they're building a facial recognition database. They're not saying they're doing that. But it could turn into that if they want to. And now that they have your image (all your images, really), y'can't stop 'em.

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