There are so many worthy causes seeking your money. I encourage you to do what you can to help each one. Many groups hold 'fun runs' to raise money and awareness for their organization. Each can truly be fun even if you aren't a big fan of running.

Here are a few reasons why you should find your running shoes, leash up the dog, grab the stroller, or ask your neighbor or friend to join you.

  • Money raised helps people in this community. Saturday, July 20 is the 5th annual Daikin Dash at the Steele County Fairgrounds in support of the Relay for Life. All proceeds of the Dash go to the Relay. Registration link. Packet pick-up is Friday before the Relay for Life or Saturday morning at 7 am. The Daikin Dash 5K begins at 8 am July 20.
  • Running can be a team event. The Owatonna Rotary 5K Fun Run is offering a new option this year. Sign up as a five-member team. Prizes will go to the top teams. Registration link. This run will benefit the We All Play inclusive playground project in Owatonna. The run/walk is Saturday, August 17 during the Steele County Free Fair and has events for kids too.
  • You meet great people. I have met so many people and made some cool friendships while running. In fact, I just stumbled upon the Buytaerts of Owatonna while running at an event in Billings, MT. My adventure during the Relay Iowa event created a unique experience with my running partners that is hard to repeat in any other scenario.
  • Some exercise will do you good. Whether a 5K is your goal or part of the training for something else, getting up and out and working out does a body good. I believe most people could walk the 5K even if they've been doing nothing but watching Netflix all summer.
  • You can justify eating some of the fun food at the Steele County Fair. At least that's been one of my rallying cries after I run the Rotary Fun Run.
  • And a bonus reason, most of the events offer a cool t-shirt with a catchy slogan.


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