Between junk boxes at auctions and then going through my late mother's closets this winter I started to notice that clothes hangers have really gotten boring. Most likely a person will have a closet of plastic hangers. But some of the styles and advertising of days gone by found on hangers gives us a little time capsule to check out. Here's a few to take a gander at.


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    Wire Hanger

    The earliest type of a clothes hanger was one like this. It consisted of a twisted wire.

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    Suit Hanger

    This has a notch in the hanger top and sloped so as to help a suit retain its shape.

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    Hanger with brushes

    You've probably seen these types of hangers. I think of clothing stores where you could handily brush off the lint before hanging up your coat or suit.

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    A Local Hanger

    Here's one from Southern Minnesota. A.E. Carlsen of Albert Lea. It mentions the patent date of 1908 so this probably dates from around World War One.

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    New York Hanger

    This one is my favorite. That's because I can date it. Sisson and Barnard were at this address from 1895-98.They then moved up the street. I'm not sure how this came to be in mother's closet. Her step grandfather came from New York so it's possible it held his clothing. But of course, there's no way to ever know for sure.