Traveling to 13 countries in 11 months in quite a journey. That's the one just recently completed by Krista Kind of Owatonna. Krista learned of the World Race mission trip from fellow nursing students. Groups of individuals travel to 11 countries in 11 months. In Krista's case she got to go to 13 countries. In January she departed with a group of about 30 and returned home December 2.

Countries she visited include West Africa, Ghana, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Mayaanmar, Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and finally Honduras.

Kind who was on AM1390's Talk of the Town told us that the group of 30 was broken up into groups of 6 or so. Some of her mission chores included planting banana trees in Thailand, cutting grass with machetes, teaching English in Cambodia and even training Rottweilers. The age of the participants were 21-34 years of age.

One of her fun diversions was a visit to Snow World in India. There's apparently an amusement park where artificial snow is made.

Adjusting to the diet took some taking. There wasn't always meat and one big staple was beans and rice. Krista got sick due to the spices used in India. The one dish she says she's not planning on trying again was the chicken soup served in Nepal. It includes the chicken's head and feet. In several of the countries it's expected to eat only with the right hand and you use the left hand for other stuff. Those who forgot this rule often got their hands snapped.

If she could pick any of the 13 countries to go back to, Krista said it would be Nepal because of the beautiful rural scenery.

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