In their recent email newsletter, the Owatonna School District reports that construction projects that are part of the 2015 referendum and continuing on time and on budget. Most of the work will be complete by the start of the school year in September 2018.

The newsletter states that new classroom additions and larger gyms are now open at Washington and Lincoln Elementary Schools. Both schools have permanent art and music space after holding these classes in portable buildings. Landscaping at the two schools will be completed this spring and summer.

Other work at Washington to be finished off soon includes renovations of the kitchen area, classroom cabinets and lockers. Work at Wilson School includes accessibility, mechanical and electrical upgrades. Deferred maintenance at the middle school will include the pool, gym and existing classrooms.

The Owatonna Education Center will get a sprinkler system installed during the final phases of 2015 referendum-funding work. The school district indicates that all intended projects will have been completed, plus some extra items, "Due to smart project management, good budgeting and hard-working crews, we will be able to go above and beyond the original plans.

Some of the additional work included:

  • Renovation of the Washington kitchen and serving area
  • Cabinetry, lockers and flooring at Washington
  • Additional furnishing of classrooms and collaborative areas"


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