The city of Owatonna archery deer hunt will be conducted November 2 through December 20. The registration deadline for the deer hunt is September 13 at 4pm. You can find an application form at the Owatonna Parks and Recreation web site.

Fifty applicants will be drawn in September to test as all applicants must pass a proficiency test. Then two sets of fifteen permits will be randomly awarded in October from the pool of those passing the proficiency test.

Once you have taken an antlerless deer, you will be able to Earn-A-Buck. Dates for the hunt are November 2-23 and November 24 through December 20.

Hunters must carry the signed City of Owatonna Deer Hunt card at all times while hunting or scouting on City property. All Minnesota DNR rules and regulations apply for this hunt. A full list of rules and regulations regarding this hunt may be found at the Owatonna Parks and Recreation web site.

High school play by play starts Tuesday and includes Husky, Panther and Blossom games. Down load our free app and follow along.

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