It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember. During homecoming week some houses would be subject to getting the toilet paper treatment. Most of the time it was cheerleaders and others willing to go in with the cheerleaders getting the homes of the football players. I know of a few instances where random houses near schools have gotten it. Most families I knew of, were aware of the tradition and went with it. I know of some families that even helped out doing the damage, to show their support for the team.

But now welcome to 2017. The City of Jordan says if you are caught giving a home the Tp treatment or throwing trash on to yards, you could be charged, with disorderly conduct, damage to property, curfew and trespassing. And apparently there are citizens that are taking this seriously and not finding it funny at all.

In Jordan, if you see any of this activity you should contact the Jordan Police Department

Jordan Police Photo