The season ended last week for the Minnesota Twins but this past weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the Homer Hanky. So let's close down the season with some Twins trivia.

1. This member of the Twins Hall of Fame later worked as a scout and one of his signings was Jose Canseco.

2. This Twin was quite a college pitcher even though he didn't  play high school baseball. That's because his high school didn't have a baseball team.

3.Let's do one on the 87 Twins. This rookie was part of the starting rotation. He pitched in a few games the following year and then his career was over.

4. This Twin was a  starting infielder for 4 of his 5 seasons in Minnesota. He was best at football however. He threw 3 touchdowns to help the Blue beat the Gray in the Blue Gray game. The losing quarterback for the Gray team was some fellow named Tarkenton.

5. Tom Kelly's playing career was a short one with the Twins. With what franchise did he begin his playing career? Which team drafted him?

6. What was Ervin Santana's first name before he changed it to Ervin?

And the answers are:

1. Camilo Pascual part of the 65 Series team.

2. Kevin Tapani's high school in Escanaba, Michigan didn't have a team due to the short season. They have one now though.

3. Les Straker. Remember him?

4. Bernie Allen the starting second baseman for the Twins was quite a football star at Purdue.

5. Tom Kelly was drafted by the Seattle Pilots and play a little in the Brewer's farm system before the Twins picked him up.

6. Johann. When first coming to the bigs, he apparently wasn't too cool with having the same name as one of the best pitchers in baseball at the time so he changed it to Ervin.

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