Two friends, with the help of Doris Day's son and another friend, had some success: The Rip Chords, according to

Phil Stewart and Ernie Bringas started singing as the Rip Chords right out of high school in the late '50s. They auditioned at Columbia and Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher, became their producer, who would eventually join the group with his friend Bruce Johnston.

With the help of guitarist Glen Campbell, the Rip Chords' first single, "Here I Stand," was in the Top 100. Their second single, "Gone," did well only in local markets.

Bringas graduated from California State University and would eventually quit the Rip Chords to enter United Theological Seminary in Ohio. He was able to return to the group later; however, it was suggested he should not go on tour.

Stewart then hired Rich Rotkin and Arnie Marcus to join the group as they went on tour. They also appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand and in the movie A Swinging Summer.

Melcher and Carol Conners wrote "Hey Little Cobra" and Melcher would sing lead for the Rip Chords in 1964. It was a No. 4 hit on the charts.

The Rip Chords went onto make 33 recordings and two albums, disbanding in 1965. In the '90s, Rotkin and Marcus reformed the Rip Chords with others but none of the original members.

Bringas is now the Rev. Ernie Bringas and was a minister for 20 years. He teaches at Glendale Community College as part of Maricopa Community College in Arizona.

Phil Stewart stayed in the music industry by recording Country & Western music.

Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher formed the duo Bruce and Terry. Johnston went on to join the Beach Boys.

Melcher continued to produce records at Columbia. He died of skin cancer at 62 in 2004, according to

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