Owatonna Middle School offers an elective, one semester, investigative science course, Forensic Science. The objective of the class is to use scientific inquiry and learn how to observe, collect, analyze, and evaluate evidence that is found at a crime scene.

These students have spent this semester learning about:

  • Crime scene and eyewitness basics
  • Power of evidence
  • Blood and DNA
  • Fire Science
  • Forensic Entomology and Botany
  • Anthropology and career paths in forensic science

Yesterday was the day of the final crime scene, and the forensics students were bussed to the building that used to be Bubba's Bar in downtown Owatonna, where a crime scene was set up for them to investigate and process. Two-thirds of the class stayed at Bubba's Bar while the other one-third went to the Owatonna Police Department to process and investigate a car they had in the garage as part of the case study.

The Owatonna Police Department; Det. Brady Vaith OHS SRO (school resource officer), Det. Matt Oeltjenbruns OMS SRO, Det. Christian Berg, and Sgt. Andrew Drenth, assisted with the set up of the crime scenes as well as advising the students on the proper way to process a scene. They also answered all sorts of questions and kept the students on track in their investigations.


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