I had just finished reading the news story on KRFO about the large number of area folks getting scam callers claiming to be with the IRS and then I check my email. You can read more here. In my email is a message from a banker in Kuala Lumpur telling me that they would like to help me claim the estate of a Mr. Che Junzhang who perished in that Malaysian airliner incident in 2014. It states I'm the next of kin. To think that all these years I had believed what my parents had told me. That's I'm Norwegian. Somewhere among all the Hansens, Olson and Johanson's there was a Junzhang in my family shrub(I have instances of second cousins marrying and double relations and such so my tree curls back and around a bit so I refer to it as more of a shrub) ?

The message states that all I have to do is send my personal information and they'll help me get my 9.2 million dollars out of their bank. The message later refers to the amount of $9,200,000,000 which is 9 trillion not million. Hope the guy who sent this doesn't work a cash register. I'd certainly count my change. Maybe I should email back and ask if he'd mail the money to me. I'd like it all in fives and tens please.

Gee whiz. If you're gonna pull a scam at least take the time to research and make it a good one. Who in his right mind would bite on something like this?

At least I got some entertainment out of this.

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