With Halloween around the corner, it seems to be a good time to cue up a ghost movie. There might be a spoiler in here. So you better beware.

I am not much of a fan of slasher movies. You won't find me watching any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre flicks or most zombie movies, though I did kind of enjoy World War Z. Among my favorites are movies that throw you a good twist at the end.

None has as better ending than The Sixth Sense. My wife and I had both seen it when we watched it with our daughter for her first time. My wife famously said toward the end, but before the big reveal, "Does he know he's dead yet?" I told you there might be a spoiler. We won't let her live that one down.

Another one that throws you a nice curve is The Others. Nicole Kidman thinks her house is haunted. She is quite correct. I have to include Ghost on a list of good ghost movies. We know who the ghost is right away, but even now it is a great date movie.

I should include a couple of kid-friendly selections too. Ghostbusters is still fun to watch. Casper is a fun, non-scary spin on the genre.

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    The Sixth Sense

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's fun to watch the version that shows you all the clues at the end.

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    The Others

    I don't know as many people who are familiar with this one, but I consider it a classic.

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    The movie is a great love story intertwined with a ghost story and police story. Patrick, Demi and Whoopi make for a blockbuster cast.

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    I am told the new version is pretty funny too.

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    This is a great kid-safe, fun feature.