Northfield Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Matt Hillmann told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners at Professional Pride Realty in Northfield today to take a minute to thank those involved in education.

Dr. Hillmann says everyone from custodians, school nurses, office staff to teachers are all working harder in these COVID-19 times to try and keep people safe in schools all over Minnesota.

"What I encourage people to do.  If you know someone who works at any school.  It doesn't matter where you're at in Minnesota.  These people are working harder then ever before.  They're not only teaching, they're not only planning, they're not only assessing.  They're also doing everything that they can to make sure out buildings are as safe as practicable because it's an all hands on deck." Hillmann remarked.

He added, "By way of example, in between each class period at our middle school and high school our teachers, because there's no way you have enough custodians to do this, are actually washing down the desks and the chairs in between each class."

The Northfield Superintendent said to the average person that might not seem like that big a deal, "but that's just one more thing that's added to what they're expected to do.  Our custodians are in the same boat, the school nurses, the record keeping that we need to keep track of the people that have the COVID-like symptoms.  I think people would be shocked if they saw the level of detail that we have."

"Our staff has just outperformed anything I could have ever expected but they're exhausted.  This is exhausting and it's tiring so I'm asking the people listening.  I don't care what district it is.  If you know someone that is teaching or works in a school, would you please take five minutes and write them a note and say thanks for doing this for our kids and thanks for doing this for our community."

"I can only say that so much right?  It can only come from the Superintendent so much but I strongly encourage everyone to thank them."

You can listen to Dr. Hillmann's comments here.


Northfield New Elementary School. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Northfield New Elementary School. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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