The Canon River Watershed Project will have their 10th annual Watershed Wide Clean-Up day this Saturday, September 15. All you need to do is to simply show up and help clean the waters. Registration begins at 8:30AM and clean-up begins at 9AM at the Morehouse Park Chalet, Straight River Park in Medford, and Faribault Slevin/Two Rivers Park in our immediate area.

It's estimated some 150,000 pounds of trash has been taken out of our waters in the previous cleanups. We're not just talking pop cans and napkins but bikes, tires and even washing machines have been hauled out. In some cases these larger items have been dumped down river and then the large trash makes its way north during heavy rainfall.

A free lunch will be served at noon.

The Canon River Watershed Project's goal is to promote clean water. You can learn more at their web site.


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