Saturday, although it will be cold looks like it, will be the better day of the weekend. The National Weather Service is saying that we could see some more snow Sunday.

Right now the dividing line for the 6-8" or 3-5" runs diagonally through Rice County. Heavier to the southwest and lighter to the northeastern part of the county.

Like the storm on Tuesday night it looks like it will be hard to narrow it down until a little closer to Sunday, but be prepared for the worst, I always say.

At the risk of getting into trouble, the possible snow season goes into May.  Just sayin

If you want to think warmer, next Monday is the start of Severe Weather Awareness week in Minnesota. Gordy will have our severe weather awareness show Monday morning at 9:30 am and again at 7 pm. Do you know what to do in our area when severe weather happens?



National weather service
National weather service

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