What's your phobia? Last year, America's #1 phobia was "the unknown." This year, it's spiders. So what's Minnesota's Number One phobia according to THIS website? Unknown spiders? Nope. It's anthrophobia. What's that? It's the morbid fear of social situations.

Some folks'll tell you that's a Fear of People, but I think something that simple statement is selling anthrophobia short. I don't have a fear of people, but I DO have issues with social situations. Not always, but occasionally it's rough.

No really. I love being with people, and I love being out there and minglin'. Sometimes, tho, it can feel you're all alone and no one would talk to you if you walked up to them. That's not on the people there, that's just what my brain tells me sometimes. I have to make myself go up and talk to people so I can see that it's all good.

And sometimes, I just don't...I avoid the sitch or I go home early. Obviously, I'm not talking for everyone here, just a thing I notice. My friends with issues like this have more a problem with the setting and the atmosphere than each individual person.

By the way, big love to North Dakota...they registered NO phobias! Whoop whoop!

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