When President Trump was coming to Iowa there was speculation he was going to make an announcement allowing the use of E15 year round. President Trump did make the announcement! Currently during the summer the ethanol blend in non-flexfuel vehicles cannot be more than 10 percent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must now begin the formal rule making process to allow year round sales of E15. Remember E15 is 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent petroleum based gasoline.

As I understand the science, the vapor pressure of E10 is about a pound higher than 100 percent regular gasoline. When E10 was approved the EPA granted a wavier for that one pound higher vapor pressure. Apparently higher vapor pressures are more of a concern during the warm summer months. It is quit ironic that the vapor pressure of E15 is actually a bit less than E10. So, there is no scientific reason that if E10 causes no problems during the summer months, E15 would not either!

Eliminating the E15 barrier would reduce emissions resulting in cleaner air, save consumers money and it would enhance the rural farm economy.










































































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