The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports four hunting-related firearms incidents in which people were injured or killed for this September. This represents the highest September number since 2013 when seventeen were reported. Over the last five years there have been on average about 10 firearms-related hunting accidents each year.

2015 was a particularly good year with no firearms hunting deaths. There were periods in the 1960's of as many as 29 hunters being killed. There certainly has been improvement.

The pheasant season begins this weekend in Minnesota with deer hunting season not that far off. The Department of Natural Resources states that the three most common factors in hunting-relate firearms incidents are careless handling, not knowing the safe zone of fire and not being sure o what's beyond the target.

The DNR asks that hunters remember some basic guidelines when handling firearms this hunting season. They ask that you treat each firearm as if it is loaded by keeping your finger off the trigger, always control the muzzle and be sure of your target and what is beyond.

Let's make it a safe hunting season.

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