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For the first time since March of 2020, Americans are allowed to cross the border into Canada. Of course, Americans will only be allowed in if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 plus a few other things to be admitted into Canada (more about that below). But so many Americans were excited to get back into Canada that the line at the International Fall, Minnesota, Fort Frances, Ontario border crossing point was up to an 8-hour wait at some points, according to the Duluth News Tribune!

I can definitely understand why many people would be eager to get back into Canada again. Lots of Minnesotans have cabins in Canada, now Minnesotans on the Angle Inlet don't feel so trapped anymore and are able to cross into Canada, and some have family in Canada that they haven't seen in almost a year and a half. But would you wait in line for 8 hours?! For family I haven't seen since March 2020, I would, but for a vacation, I may wait a week or two for everything to calm down before going. But that's just my opinion.

Other border crossings weren't as busy as the International Falls one though. Bring Me the News writes that on Monday, other border crossing points, like the Roseau-South Junction border crossing, only had a wait of about 40 minutes.

What is Required to Get Into Canada?

If you plan to travel to Canada soon, make sure you check off everything that is required to enter the country. According to the Canadian Government website, here's what's required at this time:

1)be fully vaccinated: to be considered fully vaccinated, a traveller must have received the full series of a vaccine — or combination of vaccines — accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. Currently, those vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

2) be residing in and travelling from the U.S.;

3) have a valid pre-arrival COVID-19 molecular test result taken in the U.S. (antigen tests are not accepted);

4) be asymptomatic;

5) submit their mandatory information via ArriveCAN, including proof of vaccination in English or French;

6) be admissible under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; and,

7) take a test on arrival, if required.

You can also check the current wait time to get through the different border crossing points HERE.

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