The folks at C+R Research have come out with some results in regards to the popularity of breweries in the United States. Minnesotans came in 13th as far as breweries per capita with 3.9. Vermont leads the way being home to 11.5 breweries per capita. Montana, Maine, Oregon and Colorado round out the top five. When talking economic impact, Minnesota moves up from 13 to 7 as far as economic impact per capita. Minnesota ranks 10th as far as the most craft beer produced with an average of 40 pints per every 21 and older adult.

Craft brew interest seems strongest in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. As far as the least likely state to find a brewer, that's Mississippi with just .6 breweries per capita. George, Alabama, Oklahoma and Louisiana rank down on the list as well.

The study goes on to report that the number of craft breweries has grown from 1,511 in 2007 to 6,655 in 2018.



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